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Do you have a LEGO collection you’d like to sell? Are you a retailer with new or retired LEGO sets, loose bricks or models and LEGO related merchandise? Brick Convention events are the perfect place for you to sell! We aim to have a variety of vendors for our visitors to browse – we only have a limited space at each event so please be sure to reach out now!

Simply fill in the form below and one of team will get in touch to confirm details and take payment.


Each vendor table costs a flat $450. Brick Convention does have a two-table minimum. 


This flat fee includes:

  • A 2' or 2.5' x 8' table at the event

  • An advertisement in the vendor section of your selected Brick Convention event

  • Ability to sell at your selected Brick Convention event

  • Up to three (3) full registrations at your chosen Brick Convention event


Rules include:

  • Vendor Tables are non-refundable.

  • Vendors may only sell on the tables Brick Convention provides. 

  • Vendors are required to use only the table space provided.

  • The selling of LEGO clones is strictly prohibited. Third party minifigure vendors are not clones. To learn more about clones, click here.

  • Vendors must sell LEGO or LEGO related items. If you do not sell LEGO related items, please contact us for sponsorship opportunities. 

  • "Sharing" of vendor space or table is prohibited.

  • ALL trash must be put away by each vendor after every show.

  • Brick Convention has a two-table minimum.

  • Vendors at 2024 Brick Convention events may not vend at competing events ran by an organization that organizes more than 12 events in a calendar year. Participating in events such as BrickFair, Brickworld, and Brickcon are completely fine as those organizations produce less than 12 events in a calendar year. 

How many 8' tables would you like?
What Brick Convention event would you like to vend at?


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