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Frequently Asked Questions

    BRICK CONVENTION is a multi-day event filled with hands-on and interactive fun with LEGO®! Perfect for fans of all ages, BRICK CONVENTION is heaven for those who love the world’s most popular toy!
  • I have not received my confirmation, my tickets have not arrived, I have deleted my confirmation, or I have a question about my ticket order?
    If you not received your confirmation or have ANY ticketing questions please contact Universe, the ticket provider for BRICK CONVENTION. Click here to go to their contact information. For the Springfield and Wichita events, ticketing is not being provided by Universe. Please proceed to contact us directly for ticketing questions for those events.
  • Will the event sell out?
    BRICK CONVENTION is an incredibly popular event, most of our event sell out online beforehand. We strongly encourage purchasing advance tickets to ensure your admission to the event. We cannot guarantee tickets will be available at the door!
  • I purchased tickets for the wrong day or time session, can I switch my tickets?
    All ticket sales are final and non-transferable. If you would like to switch to a different day or time session we will assist you as best we can, pending day availability. Please contact us.
  • Can I get a refund for my tickets?
    Tickets are non-refundable.
  • How is the event structured? Can I leave early? Will I be able to come back into the event if I leave?
    Visitors may arrive and leave anytime within their chosen time session hours. For example, if you purchased tickets for the 10AM - 1PM time session, you can come and go as you please between 10AM - 1 PM.
  • Can I bring a stroller to BRICK CONVENTION?
    Yes, pushchairs are allowed at the event.
  • Can I bring a camera or video camera to the event? Can I take pictures?
    Yes! We encourage families to bring cameras to capture their experiences with hundreds of fantastic LEGO creations! Please note: There will be official press and media photographers at BRICK CONVENTION. By entering the event, you agree that you may be photographed.
  • May my child attend the event without an adult?
    For everyone’s safety, children and youths under the age of 18 must be supervised by an accompanying adult (aged 18 and over) at all times during their visit. Every person 3 years old and older requires a ticket.
  • Can my child bring LEGO creations he/she created at home to BRICK CONVENTION?
    No, they cannot bring their own creations to the show. There are hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks at the event to build with!
  • Can my child bring his/her creation(s) built at BRICK CONVENTION home with us?
    No, the creations made at BRICK CONVENTION need to be left at the event. At the end of each day, the bricks are taken apart so that they can be re-used for the next day’s visitors.
  • Can I use my LEGO VIP card at the shops at the show?
    No, we do not accept LEGO VIP cards.
  • I pre-purchased merch. Where do I pick my items up?
    Pick up for pre-purchased merch is at the Ticket & Merch desk.
  • My child is on the Autism Spectrum. What can you tell us about the queues and crowds at your event?
    BRICK CONVENTION is popular with all fans of LEGO and we are expecting a lot of visitors. Within the event, there will be a range of activities happening throughout the day. Some of these will involve lines to take part in, but there will also be lots of areas dedicated to having big piles of LEGO bricks that people can just jump into and play with, with no arranged queues. Additionally there will be lots of exhibition areas where models are on display which won’t have any queues, but which can get crowded as everyone wants to see the amazing things the LEGO artists have created from their own imaginations. Ultimately, we know that every child with autism is different and we encourage you to consider what will work best for your family.
  • I want to be a vendor, who should I contact?
    Please fill in our vendor form here.
  • I have some LEGO to sell, can I bring it along?
    You can apply for a vendor space by completing the form here. If you have a LEGO collection you would like to sell, free free to reach out to us directly. We may be interested or can find someone who is.
  • I / My Child / My Partner has a great LEGO build. How can I display it at the event?
    If you’ve got a unique LEGO Creation or an awesome collection of rare LEGO sets that would make a great display, simply fill in this form to be considered for display space at any of the upcoming Brick Convention events. We welcome applications from builders of all experience levels, from your 1st public event, to your 101st, with builds of all shapes and sizes. We also welcome applications from builders of all ages, however we would still expect all builds on display to achieve the same high standards.
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